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East Texas Shootout Rules & Regulations

1.  The tournament will be conducted under High School rules, with the exception of times and age divisions. Teams must follow our age requirements.

2.  Each team is required to provide a scorekeeper or clock operator for each game except for ETSO National Championship Games.  The home team will do the clock and the visitor team will do the score sheet.  If teams would like to switch and do the opposite, that is ok.

3. Time divisions will be 1st/2nd - 6th grade 12 minutes per half, 14 minute halves for 7th-8th grades, 16 minute halves for 9/10th and 11/12th. All overtime periods will be 3 minutes. All games are stop clock unless a team leads by 15 points or more; then a running clock will be used. The clock will then be stopped only for time outs. If the lead is reduced to below 15 points, the regulation clock is resumed. Teams are not allowed to press over half court with a 15 point or more lead. The first violation will draw a warning from the officials; subsequent violations will receive a technical foul against the bench.

     Half time will be three(3) minutes.  (This time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director.)

 4. Each team will be allowed 4 timeouts per game--all thirty seconds. One time out will be allowed for overtime. This means no regulation game time outs will carry over into overtime.

 5. In case of uniforms, the home team will wear the lighter colored jersey. Each team's basket for the pre-game warm-up will be the farthest from its bench.

 6. Five (5) minutes will be allowed for warm-up. (This time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director.)    

 7. Falsification of any document will result in an immediate disqualification of the team--with no refunds given.

 8.  No drugs, alcohol nor any type of solicitation will be allowed.

 9.  Practice balls will not be provided.

10. Any coach or player who is ejected from a game by a game official or   tournament director will not be allowed to participate in the tournament for the next game.

11. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be cause for team (players, coaches, score keepers, parents, fans, friends) to automatically be disqualified and/or removed from the tournament.  NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR ENTRY FEE NOR ADMISSION.  ETSO is a tournament for kids to improve skills, not for bad behavior.

12. A player may play up a division, but may not play on (two) teams in the same division, nor can a player play down in a lower division. This rule shall not apply if the Tournament staff combines two age groups, i.e. 2nd/3rd grade division.  This means if a player is on two teams, it must be cleared by Tournament Directors, Felix or Dahlia McCain.  The said player must be on the first game roster of both teams. 

13. No player will be allowed to play unless listed on the first game (completely filled out) roster/score sheet submitted to a Tournament Official. The first game roster/score sheet given at the first game is the binding roster, any absent players must be placed on said roster and the coach will need to alert Tournament Officials. The absent player must then be cleared to play upon arrival or the falsification rule will be enforced.

   a. Co-ed teams MUST participate in Boys divisions only.

   b. Players may only play with one organization.

   c. Players playing on two different teams within same organization--must participate in his/her own division and can play up as well.  The said player has to START and FINISH the entire game.  If a game has already started and the player does not begin the game said player is not allowed to participate in that game.

14. Game time is Forfeit time. Arrive at gym site 30 minutes before game time as some games may start earlier than scheduled. Emergencies do happen and the Tournament Directors will decide if a game is forfeited.

 15. PROTESTS-must be accompanied by a nonrefundable $75.00 fee (cash only). This fee WILL BE RETURNED if protest is granted! The final decision will be the Tournament Director's.

16. Please bring to tournament site all Report Cards AND birth certificates.  If a team fails to follow this rule and a protest is brought forth (team protesting MUST ALSO have documentation of all players and turn this in along with $75 protest fee), said team will forfeit that game only if found guilty.  The team will then be allowed to bring any missing paperwork to the tournament prior to the next game (unless the game was an elimination game which means the team is eliminated from the tournament by the forfeit).   If unable to provide proper documentation of said player, team will be disqualified from tournament with no refunds given.

17. Teams will not shoot 1&1 free throws on the 7th, 8th and 9th team fouls. Teams will shoot the double bonus beginning with the 10th team foul and all in the act of shooting fouls. This rule is enforced to allow use of the  regulation clock but will help ensure the games stay on time.

18. No Dunking unless during course of game.  This means it is not permitted at all unless during a game.  Failure to comply means the following penalties: 1st offense-2 techs—2nd offense-forfeiture of game(s)

19. Personal or Team checks will not be accepted! Only Cashier's checks or money orders being made payable to Dahlia McCain, ETSO are accepted. Any team registering after the deadline must pay either online or call the tournament director and pay over the phone to ensure the team is placed in the tournament.  A $35.00 late fee will be added to entry fee.  No refunds will be issued once entry fee reaches ETSO office.

20. Awards are as follows: first place team trophy and individual medals, second place team trophy and individual medals.  National Championship games have top four places awarded. 

21. Divisions are grade based.  No age exceptions are allowed. The    team must register in the division of the highest grade level of any player on the team.  We do have a maximum age for teams.  A player may not play in a division where the player is more than one year older than division registered for.  For example, 4th grade/10 years old, 5th grade/11 years old, 6th grade/12 years old, 7th grade/13 years old, 8th grade/14 years old, 9/10th grades/16 years old and 11/12th grade/18 years old which means  a 14-year old 6th grader is not eligible to participate in the 6th grade division.  ETSO reserves the right to combine divisions without notification.  In summer tournaments, teams must register with the grade just completed unless said team wishes to play up.  ****Proof of player eligibility is the responsibility of the team coach. Proof of grade is a legible copy of the report card of the current or immediately preceding school year.****

The Tournament Director shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such manner as the Tournament Director deems appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules and all teams shall be bound by any such application.

22.  No outside food or drink allowed in tournament facilities unless otherwise noted.

23.  2 coaches and 1 scorekeeper passes will be given per team.  

Tiebreaker for Pool and Round Robin Play:

Two Team Tie: Winner of game between two teams tied awarded higher place, with losing team awarded next place.

Three or more teams tied: Point Differential Rule used (each team given a point differential for each game played, with a maximum +15 or -15 differential for any one game). In the event of a forfeit, the team forfeiting shall be given -15 points and the team receiving the forfeit will be given +15 points.

Point Differential used for all pool or round robin games. Places awarded places based upon highest Point Differential

If two teams have the same point differential, winner of the game between the teams awarded the higher place.

If 3 or more teams remain tied, higher place awarded based upon the lowest defensive points allowed. Any remaining ties awarded based upon head to head competition.


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